“SOLOTEX® Premium Standard T-Shirt” The Premium Basic will suit your every need

SOLOTEX® Premium Standard T-Shirt

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to find comfortable clothing made from high-quality materials that are affordable and environmentally friendly? The answer is yes.

Crafted with science-based principles in mind, this is the last t-shirt you will ever need. Built for comfort, fit, and style, read on to learn more about TEIJIN FRONTIER’s SOLOTEX® Premium Standard T-Shirt.

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We will change how you think about clothing.

Japanese-based, the fiber & textile company’s best-selling items are created from high-performance fabrics produced in Japan. Since initiating Rayon production in 1918, TEIJIN FRONTIER has been one of the world's leading textile producers.

Surprisingly, TEIJIN FRONTIER’s manufacturing also plays a large role in the automotive industry by creating all types of fabrics, fibers, yarns, and thread. Car interiors, rubber mechanical equipment- you name it! These fabrics are specifically designed to handle stress, movement, and durability over time.

We are excited to start offering a variety of clothing made from our premium fabrics such as SOLOTEX® to people like you! Consumers now have access to a wide range of fashionable products created from materials that have stood the test of time.

What is SOLOTEX®

Manufactured for performance, SOLOTEX® combines the best qualities of three popular textiles to achieve the optimal look and feel for clothing.

SOLOTEX®, partly created with environmentally friendly materials, mimics characteristics of these well-known fibers:

  • Polyester
  • Polyurethane
  • Nylon

TEIJIN FRONTIER is experienced in producing and selling Polyester products for years. Individually, this fiber has been used in all types of cloth manufacturing, but finally, the modular structure of our three-in-one design gives you the best of the best.

Polyester is known for its shape retention and wrinkle resistance. Polyurethane gives flexibility and stretches to your clothes, and the nylon fibers are responsible for adding the soft touch everyone desires. SOLOTEX® offers all these advantages that could never be achieved with a single material alone.

The Positioning of SOLOTEX®
Seven Defining Characteristics of SOLOTEX®

SOLOTEX® Clothing

Among other TEIJIN FRONTIER products, the SOLOTEX® Premium Standard T-Shirt checks every box when considering optimal clothing must-haves. Practical to wash and wear, durable yet comfortable, and visually appealing, this unisex t-shirt staple is anything but basic.



Perfect for travel, SOLOTEX® textiles are easy to pack because the fiber has a spring-like, helical molecular structure that provides form stability to “spring” back into shape even with movement.

From outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking to hanging out at home or running errands in town, these premium standard t-shirts are comfortable and convenient for any lifestyle.


People today simply don’t have the time to worry about fussy laundry restrictions.The SOLOTEX Premium Standard T-Shirts are easy to care for. Simply wash and dry on regular machine settings.

Also wrinkle-resistant, the SOLOTEX® shirts are stretchy and maintain their shape without pilling or shedding.


The look and feel of the SOLOTEX® Premium Standard T-Shirt is everything you want in a shirt and more.

Lightweight and breathable, these buttery soft unisex t-shirts are suitable for any activity. The stretchy, and moisture-controlling material makes it perfect for sporting events, outdoor activities, and more.


The SOLOTEX® Premium Standard T-Shirt is thick enough that you don’t have to worry about wearing layers underneath. It pairs nicely under a denim jacket or cozy sweater for the office, a birthday party, or a date night at your favorite local restaurant.

The SOLOTEX® Premium T-Shirt is a must-have grab-and-go clothing staple that is comfortable, stylish, and easy to care for. The tagless neckline is smooth, and the pocket is just adorable!

Not a fan of a functional pocket? No problem, because the shirt is offered with or without the chest pocket option.

Fabric Options

After learning about SOLOTEX® fabrics, you’ll be amazed to discover how versatile this textile is. If you check out the line-up of SOLOTEX features, you will see how this cotton-like fabric works so well on more than just premium standard t-shirts.

Environmental Factors

Our online store Thinkecofabrics is operated by TEIJIN FRONTIER(U.S.A.),INC., a member of TEIJIN FRONTIER group. We support the society of the future, support environment-friendly manufacturing and systems under our environmental strategy “THINK ECO

  1. 1.Products made with environment-friendly raw materials
  2. 2.Products that protect the environment
  3. 3.Products amenable to resource-efficient manufacturing

We offer a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly materials with an emphasis on quality and durability. We are proud of sustainable materials that never compromise on performance. This is another reason to recommend the Premium Standard T-Shirts.

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