Social Media Policy

Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd. , and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as “Teijin Frontier Group”) establish and comply with the social media policy regarding the operation of official social media accounts and the participation of Teijin Frontier Group employees in social media.

As a Subsidiary of Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd, TEIJIN FRONTIER(U.S.A.),INC. comply with the Teijin Frontier Group Social Media Policy.


The Teijin Frontier Group will work to use social media based on the following corporate philosophy.

Corporate philosophy

We create new value and contribute to a beautiful environment and a prosperous future.

Purpose of participation

  1. To make more people aware of the products and services provided by the Teijin Frontier Group.
  2. To increase customer satisfaction, trust in Teijin Frontier Group, and brand value of Teijin Frontier Group.

Attitude for participation

  1. Regardless of the organization to which you belong or the form of employment, Teijin Frontier Group employees will endeavor to comply with laws and regulations, protect copyrights and portrait rights, and comply with the regulations set by Teijin Frontier Group.
  2. We will listen to what the user says and actively provide information so that you can have a useful experience as much as possible.
  3. Always be aware that an unspecified number of people will access it, and try not to mislead users.
  4. We will promptly apologize and correct any misleading information or misleading expressions.
  5. Even if the published information is deleted administratively, we will disseminate the information after understanding and recognizing that it cannot be completely deleted from the Internet.
  6. We will do our best to behave sensibly and take responsibility for dealing with it.
  7. We will refrain from disseminating information that includes personal information and privacy rights of third parties.

Terms of service

  1. This agreement stipulates the rules for using a social media account (hereinafter referred to as “this account”) operated by Teijin Frontier Group.
  2. Please refrain from the following acts (including acts that may cause such acts) when using this account.
    • Acts that defames Teijin Frontier Group, users, or other third parties, or damage their reputation or credibility
    • Causes inconvenience or disadvantage to Teijin Frontier Group, users, or other third parties. Acts that cause damage
    • Acts that infringe the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of Teijin Frontier Group, users, and other third parties
    • Solicit participation in campaigns, religious activities, or other organizations / organizations Acts
    • Acts of soliciting investment, donations, funding or purchase of goods or services
    • Acts for profit through or in connection with this account
    • Acts that interfere with the operation and use of this account
    • Acts that violate the SNS Terms of Service, Public Order, Laws, and Punishment Laws, or acts that lead to criminal acts
    • Other acts that Teijin Frontier Group deems inappropriate
  3. If the user of this account determines that it violates this agreement, Teijin Frontier Group may delete or edit the post or post without notice or consent to the user, and restrict the use of this account by the user. And the user shall not object to this. Teijin Frontier Group is not responsible for comments posted by users.
  4. If the user of this account determines that it violates this agreement, or the user of this account causes tangible and intangible damage to Teijin Frontier Group, other users and other third parties in connection with the use of this account. In that case, the user shall compensate for this at his / her own risk and burden, take other solutions, and shall not impose any burden or inconvenience on the Teijin Frontier Group.
  5. Teijin Frontier Group does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information provided to users through this account.
  6. The information provided to users through this account does not necessarily represent the official announcement or opinion of the Teijin Frontier Group. Official announcements and opinions are posted on the Teijin Frontier Group website and news releases.
  7. Teijin Frontier Group will not be liable for any damages incurred by the user usingor not using this account.
  8. Teijin Frontier Group will not be liable for any damages incurred by the user or a third party due to troubles between users or troubles between the user and a third party that occur in connection with this account.
  9. The copyright, etc. (including the moral rights of the author, the same shall apply hereinafter) related to the posting made by the user through this account belongs to the user who made the posting. However, by posting to this account, the user will use the content for Teijin Frontier Group free of charge and non-exclusively worldwide (including sublicense, processing, excerpt, reproduction, publication, translation, etc.) It is deemed that you have granted a permanent right to do so, and that you have agreed not to exercise copyrights, etc. against Teijin Frontier Group. The posted content may be used for future activities and marketing of the Teijin Frontier Group.
  10. Teijin Frontier Group may change the contents of these Terms of Use without the consent of the user of this account.