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HMWPE TS220 made with "Tsunooga®" fiber

HMWPE TS220 made with "Tsunooga®" fiber

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HMWPE(High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Tsunooga® is industrial fiber material which has excellent strength and modulus. Tsunooga® surpasses para-aramid fibers in lightness and cut resistance and offers more than twice cut resistance than nylon and polyester fibers. (evaluated using the EN388 coup test method)
And low specific weight 0.97g/cm3. Moreover, Tsunooga® provides outstanding resistance to weather and chemicals.

Art : TS220

Yarn Composition : High molecular weight polyethylene / Tsunooga® 100%  

Weight :   g/m2 

Width :     " 

Thickness:     mm 


*Tsunooga®  is a registered trademark of Toyobo Co.,Ltd. in Japan

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