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SOLOTEX® "MINO technology" TSTZ02 WR0

SOLOTEX® "MINO technology" TSTZ02 WR0

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MINO TECHNOLOGY Fabric TSTZ02 WR0 was inspired by the design of straw raincoats(called "Mino") made in ancient Japan. It combines the usefulness of umbrella-quality fabric, the practicality of high-function wear and the attractiveness of a fashionable material.

Thanks to the material’s micro-gutter structure (photo), tiny convex bulges reduce horizontal surface tension to enable raindrops to slip smoothly off the surface in a vertical direction. TSTZ02 WR0 also has high moisture permeability due to its non-laminated structure, so it allows sweat vapor to escape, keeping the inner surface dry and pleasant to touch. 

Comfortable stretch by SOLOTEX yarn.

Art : TSTZ02 WR0

Width : 55"

Weight :119gsm

MOQ: 550y (MCQ: 550y) for B2B

Composition: Polyester100%  

Feature: C0 DWR / stretch / bio-derived(SOLOTEX®)

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